Ollie's Real Health Benefits

We hear from our customers all the time about how our food has helped improve their pup's health—take a look at all the benefits they have to bark about: 

Chewbacca was constantly vomiting and refusing to eat. He would skip meals but now he wakes up and wants to eat, he’s begging for the food. He freaking loves it and feels good when he’s eating it—there's no more farting and belching, which is beautiful!

-Kelly Smith

Pablo has Giardia, and I've never been able to get him to eat his bowl clean. Ever since he went on to Ollie, he eats his bowl in 5 seconds flat. His weight has improved drastically and everything about him has perked up.

-Ryan Castle

Ollie comes to us at a time when Joey was losing muscle mass and needed to regain strength due to a herniated disc. We are very concerned. He is doing way better now and we can visibly see increased energy, whereas he was previously tired and slow moving

-Jenna Abdou

We like feeling confident in the quality of food and nutrition we are feeding our fur baby and it really shows--Oscar has maintained a great weight and his fur is super silky and shiny.

-Dina Greenman

Letty was losing she fur because she had a chicken allergy and after trying many many foods we found Ollie. Now her coat is beautiful, shiny and we have all her fur back! Thank you for making a great product for our baby!

-Robin Falk

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